Start Your Engines

On June 18th, start your politically incorrect internal combustion engines for the 2010  Rental Car Rally (RCR), a 36-hour competitive road trip from Los Angeles to Tombstone, AZ.

RCR is a single leg competitive road trip in which teams of costumed players compete for cash and prizes. There is no set route, but each team must hit pre-defined checkpoints, the locations of which will be revealed in the rally booklet provided at the starting line. Each team must furnish photographic evidence of each checkpoint. Teams are scored by a combination of odometer reading, team style and hijinks (details on the RCR web site).

The event is organized by Supreme Commander, the co-founder of a huge, ludicrous water gun tournament, StreetWars, which I personally participated in a few years ago, and The Pants, who throws big video game parties.

The race begins Friday, June 18 and ends Sunday, June 20. A “Basic Team Ticket” will cost you $179 and includes entrance to the rally, admission to the rally pre-party, with drink specials and a briefcase stocked with mischief-making swag (which you can use to mess with the other teams). Each ticket covers one vehicle and unlimited teammates.

To register for the race or for more information, visit the RCR web site at

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the price of my ticket?
The ticket includes admission to the rally, the rally briefcase for your team (the rally booklet w/ rules and coordinates for checkpoints, the rally contact sheet with info on other drivers, bottle rockets, smoke bombs, condoms, cigarettes, chaw), a rally pre-party and drink specials before the rally begins, a post-rally party at the destination, and the chance to win money, the respect of your competitors, and a golden gas pump.

Can I use my own car? Yes.

How many people to a team? As many as you want.

How long is the drive?
Route times vary from rally to rally, but total drive time is usually around 12 hours.

What are the checkpoints?
The checkpoints will be printed in each rally driving booklet given to each team at the rally starting line.

Is GPS necessary? No, but it helps.

Where are the starting and finish lines?
The starting line will be revealed one week prior to the rally start. The finish line will be revealed in the rally booklet each team gets at the starting line.

Are accommodations included in the ticket? No.

How much will all this cost?
After your ticket, you’re looking at about $100 in gas plus food and your hotel room.

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  1. Probably too late for this year, and we heard about it last year too, but this event cries out, screams, yells, hollers, for a Metblogs team, at least among those whose transportation still involves cars part of the time. Perhaps next year ….

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