Win Tickets to the Buzzcocks at Club Nokia June 5

2009 promo shot--32 years after their first single release

When I was a wee punk girl, I had a mix tape (oh yes, my cubs, I am indeed that old) that ended with the Buzzcocks‘ “Something’s Gone Wrong Again,” except cassette recording being the inexact science it is, I’d misoverestimated the amount of time left on the tape, and the song was cut off part way through. I played the hell out of that tape even so, and it was months before my best friend heard the song on vinyl and realized it wasn’t supposed to be like that. The line between artful choice and silly mistake is a thin one sometimes.

Fast forward…here we are decades later and the Buzzcocks are one of those bands that remains awesome. Art school punk rockers, auteurs of the unrequited love song, the Buzzcocks make the kind of music you put on and sing super loud in your car by yourself even though the people in the cars next to you are staring in when you belt out the lyrics to “You Know You Can’t Help It” or “Orgasm Addict.” If this sounds familiar to you, you’ll be thrilled to hear that not only are the Buzzcocks at the Nokia a week from Saturday but they are playing all of the songs off of Love Bites and Another Music in a Different Kitchen as well as other material. Yippee. Seriously it’s like punk rock Santa is coming.

You want to sit on Santa’s lap? Just leave a comment telling us about a time when something went wrong again for you. Winners will be selected randomly. Make sure you leave contact information when you post your comment or I won’t be able to reach you, which would give you more to sing about, but would suck nonetheless.

11 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the Buzzcocks at Club Nokia June 5”

  1. BUZZCOCKS!!!!!! I have nothing witty or insightful to say this time. Just constantly have a buzzcocks harmony in my head thanks.

  2. I would just LOVE to go. I live nearby & am free June 5th. A reward. Would rock it. Please!

  3. Place yourself as a teenager in the 80’s and try driving an old ’78 Buick and not change the oil for some time. You finally do it before the engine seizes and then you overheat the sucker soon after you drive from the oil change place. After you replace the radiator and drive off, you notice the oil light is on again and you find out they never put the screw back on the bottom oil pan so its all leaked out. The car eventually died not from the engine, but from rust.

    Fun with fluids, but not the kind of fun I’d like…

  4. I have nothing clever to regale you with, but early this morning I discovered that my cat peed on my bed during the night once again. Now, I had shelled out $100 for a waterproof duvet cover for exactly this reason. Now I discover that “water-resistant” is a more apt term. Apparently, if you don’t address the liquid immediately, it soaks right on through. FAIL.

    So anyway, I need something to brighten my day.

  5. Keep ’em coming folks. I’ll pick winners by the end of the holiday weekend. Random number selection so I’ll consider including you even if you don’t share a snafu. It would be wrong of me to make you follow rules to get tickets to a punk show I’m thinking.

  6. Flash back to a time when little Matt went along with his day in the 80’s Valley soundtracked by Buzzcocks, the Jam, the Clash, Elvis Costello, R.E.M., etc. while everyone around him was listening to the new wave trash of the day like A-ha and Kajagoogoo.

    Now imagine Matt all grown up, but he has never forgotten his roots. I’d be going to this show FOR SURE if not for the fact that I’m currently unemployed and can’t afford it.

  7. Okay – We were trying to find a new third roomate. We got a call and the person sounded perfect(read: had the cash to pay the rent) and so my rommie and I cleaned for HOURS! When the prospect showed – my roomie’s cat had deuced in the middle of the floor of the room we were trying to rent. Needless to say….

  8. I saw the Buzzcocks when I was 17 in 1993 for the first time and have not missed an LA show since. Club Nokia is now by far the best venue for shows. It would be great to win tickets since what has gone wrong is my lack of income. so please if your reading this pick me

  9. Ever fallen in love? I did, and I believe totally from the heart that it’s all just lust, lipstick and promises,.a fiction romance. I mean, I don’t mind that everybody’s happy nowadays, but whatever happened to asking “What do I get?” It’s like, when I say “I could Love you more, if I only had a little Autonomy”,..It turns into “Oh Shit!, Something’s gone wrong again!

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