What’s a California Voter to Do?

In the run-up to the June 8 California Statewide Direct Primary Election, I have been getting bombarded with printed material in the mail, probably three pieces per day on average.  And it’s damned confusing.  A bunch of candidates vying for the same position (such as Assembly Member), often with very similar-sounding positions.  Tit-for-tat attack pieces sent on alternate days by candidates and the special interest groups who oppose them.  What’s a voter to do?

For starters, do a little research.  Check out the websites of the candidates for their stated positions and their records.  See who endorses and opposes them.  Enlighten us here through your comments.  Check out your Voter Guides if you have been sent them.  Then read the fine print on some of those special interest group pieces.  Often, the groups with the loftiest-sounding names (Citizens For a Fair Economy, Moms For Health Care Justice, Girl Scouts for Puppies) are primarily backed by big corporations which may not have your interests in mind.

Some very important issues are at stake this June 8, including not only who will represent you, but also various propositions involving competition in providing electricity, discounts on your auto insurance, and other things that have a direct impact on our lives in the Los Angeles area.

So do some research.  Get a little bit informed.  Vote on June 8.  And whether you do or don’t, then, later on, if things don’t turn out the way you like, you can ask yourself what you did to try and change them.

2 thoughts on “What’s a California Voter to Do?”

  1. Read your voters guide for the “official” for and against arguments after you read the initiatives themselves. I tend to look to to see who sponsored an initiative as part of the first thing I look at in determining if there is a bias to help a specific group too.

  2. Thanks Fraz, good suggestion. Also, I see that the current L.A. Weekly (from last Thurs.) has a pretty informative article on p.14 re Prop 14 (Open Primaries).

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