Canter’s Index

Number of plates dropped: 1

Number of times “Happy Birthday” has been sung: 4

Number of red jello cups (cubed, visible in case): 4

Number of cantaloupes (visible in case): 5

Number of watermelons (visible in case): 5

Number of members of the Circle Jerks dining: 1

Number of mugs of decaf coffee (RobNoxious): 3

Number of mugs of regular coffee (Queequeeg): 1 (only!)

Number of random strangers that RobNoxious talked to between 2am and 4am: 7

Number of the above random strangers with whom RobNoxious might become Facebook friends with: 1 (see number of Circle Jerk members dining tonight, above).

Number of pink-haired girls: 1

Number of girls who have written love notes to me (Queequeg) tonight: 2

Number of love notes received by me (Queequeg): 1

Number of people with hats, fedora or otherwise: at least 7

2 thoughts on “Canter’s Index”

  1. You definitely got a more interesting crowd than we had. We had old folks that sorta stared at us and large family groups out for a nosh. Very relaxed group but our readers and we made up for it by breaking up the silence nicely.

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