Cherry phosphate!

It’s about 4pm and I just got here and I am currently the happiest girl in the world with my matzoh ball soup (with carrots, please) and a cherry phosphate.

I always, always, always order a cherry phosphate at Canter’s because I love them so much but never actually knew what it was – so in the interests of science, I asked our friendly server today what makes a phosphate a phosphate, and it turns out it’s just seltzer water and syrup, but done old-fashioned soda fountain style instead of out of a machine. I think it’s less sweet than soda usually is, and super delicious.

The scene doesn’t seem too busy right now – lots of empty tables, lots of folks here alone catching a late lunch – but I’m sure there will be a rush as we get close to dinner time.

Be sure to come out and join the fun and pastrami and bring a donation for the food bank!

One thought on “Cherry phosphate!”

  1. Strictly speaking, a cherry phosphate should have a few drops of phosphoric acid in it. Leave that out and it’s just a cherry soda.

    Nowdays, however, they might well use citric acid instead, as it’s easier to buy and doesn’t have the health concerns that phosphoric acid does. (Phosphoric acid tends to lead to leaching of calcium from bones, leading to osteoporosis.) They still use phosphoric acid in most colas and root beers, though.

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