Win Tickets to the Venice Art Walk & Auction

This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but for the first 9 years that I lived in Los Angeles whenever I heard “Venice Art Walk” I just assumed it was another neighborhood organized thing where people walk from small-ish art gallery to boutique store with art on the walls to bar. I assumed it wasn’t unlike the handful of other art walks that happen around the city on a regular basis. I assumed since I didn’t hear about it that often it must not be that good. I say that is an embarrassing admission because as someone relatively involved in the art world of LA and into community things, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Turns out the Venice Art Walk & Auction is a yearly event (not monthly like many other art walks), that is the main fund raising wing for the Venice Family Clinic. This is important because the VFC is the largest community free clinic in the entire country. The country. Not the city or the state. It’s got over 2,000 volunteers and has close to 25,000 patients who all receive care and prescriptions free of charge. And this yearly Art Walk and action helps make that possible.

I had no idea.

So the 2010 event is right around the corner and it seems well worth checking out. It’s happening May 22nd and 23rd. The auction itself has works from over 400 artists (Including some favorites like Shepard Fairey, David Flores, Retna, Chat Robertson, Ed Ruscha, Saber, etc..) but there are also several walking tours of local stand out architecture, artist studios, and more. Tickets to these events are available here, but the clinic was nice enough to give us a few pair to give away as well. Chime in in the comments if you want them, first come first serve.

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  1. I have never been and always wanted to go and now I want a studio of my own. Seeing is believing, and believing makes stuff happen. Or as someone once said, “I believe it, I believe it and I know I will achieve it.” Was that Jesse Jackson?

  2. me me me!! recently moved to venice and would LOVE to be more involved in the community!

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