Yes, That’s How You Pronounce It

Photo courtesy of Pho King Delicious's Facebook page

Thanks to Councilman Eric Garcetti’s Twitter feed, I now know that there’s a new restaurant in Northridge called Pho King Delicious*. And people say the city government can’t provide services anymore.

I haven’t been there yet, but it just made my list, if only for the name. It’s been open for about two months, and already has a Yelp page with predictably mixed reviews (“OH MY GOD I LOVED IT SO MUCH” vs. “OH MY GOD WORST RESTAURANT EVER, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE INTERPRET MY EXTREME DISDAIN AS UNREACHABLE LEVELS OF HIPNESS”) and a Facebook fan page which you can use to let everyone who’s ever been even remotely associated with the Internet know you like it. I’m definitely going to visit it sometime in the near future, but bear in mind I’m no pho aficionado and so my opinion should be taken with a grain of MSG. Unless MSG does not come in grains, in which case you’re on your own.

* This is only truly funny if you bear in mind the correct pronunciation of “pho” is “fah,” as in “a long long way to run.”

5 thoughts on “Yes, That’s How You Pronounce It”

  1. Not quite as funny, but there is a place in Bev Hills called 9021-Pho. (Pronunciation is off, but I found it amusing still…)

  2. This is right up the street from my work. If you visit, Kevin, you have to let me know. I’ll meet you. Then I can tell everyone I tried Pho King with Kevin.

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