Where Are The Happiest Hours In Town?

Happy Hour is one of those concepts that I have to admit to not understanding. Do people go there to unwind after a day at the office? Do they go there to meet people with whom they hope to have romantic encounters? Do they go there for the cheap food and booze?

I’m a freelancer who shares a domicile with my significant other, so all of my office work and romantic encounters happen in my apartment (fortunately, though, rarely at the same time). So the first two reasons mean very little to me. But I do enjoy half-price appetizers and beer, so overall I’m fully in support of Happy Hour.

Which is why I was jazzed to discover that friend-of-the-blog Caroline on Crack had compiled a damn-near-comprehensive Google Calendar of Happy Hours across the city. Now all your afternoon-planning needs — whether that planning involves rest, romance or repast — can be met in one place.

Caroline, thy name is convenience. Thanks for doing this.

4 thoughts on “Where Are The Happiest Hours In Town?”

  1. Woah, yeah, seriously, where’s the LF/Silverlake at? Desert Rose has a great happy hour, as does There’s No Place Like Home. Hell, even the Rustic has a happy hour now! Oh, and all these places are on Hillhurst in the Feliz.

    In more Silverlake-y territory, I know of Malo and Acapulco’s, the Cha Cha lounge, and Barbarella Bar.

  2. Actually that crazy Google calendar was initially not meant for public consumption because even I find it hard to read but then I just figured why not just put it out there. So, yeah, still adding to it. Will def add your suggestions.

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