Our donuts bring all the boys to the yard

What happens when you put three Metblogging ladies in a room with a few dozen donuts and a photographer?  Well, let’s just say that many, many donuts were harmed in the making of this photo:

So, yeah.  The Donut Summit is clearly going to be the social event of the season.  The deets, in case you’ve missed them:

When?  Sunday, June 13, 1pm

Where?  Griffith Park Picnic Area near Vermont, under our GIANT DONUT signs.

Price of admission: Between one to 12 donuts, either sourced at your fave donut shop OR, yes, you CAN make your own. Label box or bag with the name of the donut maker.

Donuts will be labeled by shop of origin and voted on by category, and one lucky donut shop will walk away with the crown and scepter of LOS ANGELES DONUT KING/QUEEN, regardless of whether or not that really is the name of his/her store.

And as if that weren’t enough, there will be games, goodies, limited edition artist t-shirts (for a donation) and more greasy, carby, sugar-coated fun than you can shake a stick at.

9 thoughts on “Our donuts bring all the boys to the yard”

  1. omg that is amazing work…the photoshoot I mean. The real work will be the donut tasting. I’m hoping its a “bye” weekend so I can bring my donut fiend along to help with the tasting.

  2. I particularly like the hats! But Lucinda, be careful, someone will want to eat your bra! (but it probably won’t be the first time you’ve had to wrestle with that!!!!!)xxx

  3. I’m impressed. If this doesn’t invite a horde of Donut Summiteers, and a slew of dirty double entendres, I don’t know what will.

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