Classic Eats Blog-A-Thon Update

As you already know and have put into your calendars, next Saturday and Sunday, May 22/23, is the Very Special Classic Eats Blog-a-thon at Canter’s Deli and Bakery.

Your humble* LA Metbloggers are going to take turns at a booth at Canter’s, blogging about the people, the ambiance, the kibitizing, and the noshing. We will get a 24 hour view of a piece Los Angeles, via Canter’s. Starting at noon on Saturday and ending at noon on Sunday, we’ll see the weekend lunchers, the early bird-specialers, the post movie noshers, the “What’s open after 10?” crowd, the post-club hangover avoiders, the pre-dawn transition crowd, the Sunday breakfast, then Sunday brunch crowd.

We are also blogging for a good cause. We want to raise $1000 in cash and 200 canned food items for the LA Foodbank. For every $1 donated, the LA Foodbank is able to acquire and distribute 4 meals. $1 = 4 meals. $1 = 5 pounds of food. (And you thought a dollar didn’t go very far these days.) Please stop by the Metblog table and drop whatever you can into the collection jar. Canter’s will also donate all their leftover bakery goods on Sunday.

Canter’s is old school, in case you weren’t aware. They originally opened in the 40’s in Boyle Heights then headed west to Fairfax after WWII where they have been ever since. Canter’s is still old school and doesn’t have wifi or internet of any kind. But we are not letting that stop us because Verizon very kindly donated a set of Mifi Mobile Hotspots to us to achieve our blog-a-thon dream. For 24 hours, you can enjoy free internet access with us at Canter’s. That’s a worth a buck in the Foodbank donation jar, right?

Free wifi, donations for a good cause, amazing food — there are no excuses for you not to be there!

*I know, “mostly” humble.

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  1. I hope to make it out to this event. Sounds interesting and its always a pleasure to give food to those in need! I will mark this in my calendar

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