Bike Every (Satur)Day In May: The Frank Lloyd Wride

If you were with me on last Saturday’s “Watts Happening” ride you were a treasured part of something pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself. And I do.  Trust me when I say that I went a little crazy putting in a fair amount of effort  researching Google skimming to pull together info for the places we visited. And trust me when I say everyone in attendance was very patient and appreciative of my longwindiness. If you don’t believe me you can read my copious notes cribbed from the internest.

But that was last Saturday and with next Saturday rapidly approaching we will be venturing forth on the Frank Lloyd Wride, featuring bike-bys of the four Hollywood residences Wright built between 1921 -1924: Hollyhock, Ennis, Freeman and Storer houses. Along the way we’ll be stopping at Frank’s son Lloyd Wright’s Sowden House (1926), and paying a visit to the Monastery of the Angels for anyone who’s always wanted to get a loaf of the nuns’ famous pumpkin bread. After the ride, anyone who wants to join me at Musso & Frank’s for brunch (flannel cakes!) is totally welcome. Distance is 18 miles with some short but relatively steep climbs so geared bikes are highly recommended (tentative route map is here).

Trust me when I say I’m not going anywhere near as crazy with the factoids this week, in part because I’m honored that members of the architecturally astute cycling group Bikehaus will be in attendance (including my friend Mike Kwan who’s celebrating his birthday that day!). And since those folks know their architectural shizzle and I’m just at best a Wright fanboy with a hooligan’s defensive adoration but nothing more than a cursory level of knowledge about the man and his manses I’m more than likely just gonna STFU then blather.

We shall gather at SilverSun Plaza, the stripmall at Sunset and Parkman Avenue in Silver Lake, for a 10 a.m. departure.

6 thoughts on “Bike Every (Satur)Day In May: The Frank Lloyd Wride”

  1. Awe! Wish I could make it this week! Last week was awesome and your notes were perfect. Not too much or too little. Would LOVE to see the houses Saturday!

    And I promise to Flickr my pics from last week ASAP.

  2. Thanks Dave. It was awesome of you to come up from Dana Point for the ride and I’m glad it was worth the trip! Looking forward to your pix because once again I proved my fail at being a multitask master and took hardly any shots.

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