Win tickets to see A-Ha on Sunday!

Oh, A-Ha. It seems that while I wasn’t looking, the band responsible for one of the most totally awesome videos of the 1980s announced a farewell tour. Will the landscape of popular music ever be the same, without those cheerful Norwegians challenging us to take on them? A-Ha’s “Ending on a High Note” tour coincides with the 25th anniversary of their debut album “Hunting High and Low,” and they’re performing two shows this weekend at Club Nokia. Saturday’s show is sold out, but our pals over at Goldenvoice have hooked us up with two pairs of tickets for the show on Sunday, May 16th, and those tickets could be yours!

Wanna go see A-Ha? Here’s what you gotta do: Comment below and tell me which now-defunct band from the 80’s you would pay a million dollars to see reuinted in concert! Make sure to use a real email address so we can get in touch with you. If you’re a winner (and, really, isn’t anyone who wants to go see A-Ha a winner on some level?) I’ll let you know by Saturday night.

In the meantime:


18 thoughts on “Win tickets to see A-Ha on Sunday!”

  1. Al totally took my answer – Oingo Boingo for sure! But a close second would have to be… man, there is no second. Oingo Boingo was the best.

  2. I would love it if Andy Partridge of XTC got off the stage fright and brought that amazing band back together. Even better if the opening act was The Dukes of Stratosphear.

  3. I would love it if Andy Partridge of XTC got off the stage fright and brought that amazing band back together. Even better if the opening act was The Dukes of Stratosphear. scottsteg at yahoo dot com

  4. OMG i would Kill to see Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo reunite! but they started back in the 1970s. for a real 80s group i would have to say A Tribe Called Quest.

  5. It’s hard to answer your question, because so many 80s bands have either regrouped or never disbanded even though we thought they did. Every now and then I’m surprised to see one of these bands (The Cure, Squeeze, Split Enz and Duran Duran, to name a few) on VH-1 playing at a recent European music festival.

    As for Oingo Boingo, check out Danny Elfman’s unbelievable track record of blockbuster film scores. The guy’s been busy!

  6. Well if you allow for the dead returning to life, my vote goes to INXS.
    If we’re just going for over all awesomeness- Talking Heads for sure :)
    And one for the girls- the Go Go’s!!!

  7. The grown up me would love to see Big Audio Dynamite rock the house. The kid in me from the 80s would have just died to see haysi fantayzee. Shiny, shiny!

  8. A-ha — DUH!!!

    I own 4 of their albums (with one more on its way). They’re F*n brilliant. Nothing gives me chills like “Take on me.” Minor Earth Major Sky is by far my most FAVORITE Album of theirs, no doubt. One of my all-time favorite songs “Summer Moved On” I heard when I lived in Sweden and I have it on repeat-repeat-repeat.

    Needless to say, I can’t trust you’ll be kind to me and choose me — so I’m buying a cheapass ticket to say I soaked in their spirit for the first time in person. I feel chills!

    But — I’ll gladly take a brilliant, better seat that I can’t afford and I’ll love you forever, and ever, and ever.

    Just remember, “Mary Ellen Makes the Moment Counts!”

  9. Definitely would love to see the real Guns N’ Roses. I would pay a million for that!

  10. Come join one of the pre- and post- concert fan parties tomorrow after the Club Nokia show… for more info! Cheers!

  11. Bauhaus! Or Ultravox.
    (Tomorrow’s my birthday; it’d be great if i could see one of a-ha’s final shows, not that i’m dropping any hints…)

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