LAPD Gun Buyback Program This Saturday

This Saturday, May 8, is the 2nd annual city-wide gun buyback program.

Go to one of the five drop off locations with any type of weapon you want to get rid of and you may receive up to $100 in gift cards for hand guns and up to $200 for assault weapons (as specified in the State of California). You can choose a Ralph’s gift card or a pre-paid Visa card.

It’s all anonymous and there will be no questions asked.

Last year the LAPD collected over 1700 firearms, including a grenade launcher. (Seriously!) Read the full press release from the Mayor’s Office here.

The five buyback locations are open from 10am to 3pm:

EAST LOS ANGELES – Hollenbeck Area
Legacy LA
1350 N. San Pablo Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Park & Ride Parking Lot
1300 West Pacific Coast Highway
Wilmington, CA 90744

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
7900 South Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90047

WEST LOS ANGELES – Hollywood Area
Farm Fresh Ranch Grocery Store
5520 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90028

VALLEY – Mission Area
Facey Medical Center Parking Lot
11165 Sepulveda Boulevard
Mission Hills, CA 91345

8 thoughts on “LAPD Gun Buyback Program This Saturday”

  1. What? $100??! That’s it? Since most handguns sell for much more than that, an enterprising FFL should set up shop right outside and offer $125 in cash to buy the guns – they’d make a killing!

  2. In the histroy of gun buy backs no real criminal has ever turned in a gun. Old ladies turning in the trophy gun their now dead husbund brought home from WWII has no effect on crime. These guns are not off the street, they are out of some grandmothers attic. Many of them do not even work. This is another government scam. The purpose is to allow mayors and police chiefs to pretend that they are doing something about crime which they seem unable to control in any meaningful way. If this is about “saving even one life,” then ban cars. That would, with out question save 50,000 American lives a year. But cars have a legitimate use, so do guns and gun not car ownership is protected by the Constitution. The far left is laughing at those who would believe that these buy back programs will effect crime or criminals. The real goal here is to cause the public to associate gun ownership with crime and accidents and give government official a photo op.

  3. Crime notwithstanding, we got $100 in Ralph’s gift cards for my mom-in-law’s 30 year old 22 handgun. So that’s cool. The thing probably was worth about $50.

  4. Yes, but, as you know, for those of us, who might, ahem, prefer to keep the boom-stick concealed, as it were, if one has the preference, and might prefer (were one to carry such a thing, should one, uh, choose to) should one have the, uh, valid paper work and all, it’d be a great bargain.

    If one were to choose to avail oneself of such a thing.

  5. A gang banger can shoot up a schoolyard full of kids with his AK 47 and get a $200 Ralphs card, “No questions asked.” from the police. Stupid? Or really stupid.

  6. quoting the LA Chief of Police: “The guns displayed today will never be stolen or used in a robbery, assault, or murder; the scope of that success can never be fully measured,”

    They will also never be used to defend oneself against the criminals that still have guns! Which is going to stop an intruder faster, a 911 call to police, or a 9mm handgun?

    Some enterprising criminals would do well do burgle a boatload of guns and turn them in under the “Gifts-for-Guns”, “no questions asked” program. So, instead of purportedly reducing crime (which there is and will be no proof that ever happens), we could actually see crime spike!

    Good job Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck.

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