See Nightmare Alley at the Geffen Plus Dinner–It’s On Metblogs & Goldstar!

After our wildly successful Dreamgirls contest, the awesome ladies & gents at Goldstar have hooked us up again!

Nightmare Alley is based upon the 1946 noir novel about one man’s seduction into the seedy, mysterious world of the carnival sideshow during the years of the Great Depression.  The entire Geffen Playhouse has been transformed into the calliope-tinkling, smoke-blowing, gaslamp-lit carny experience, and as this tale of fate & femme fetales unspools its skein it’s easy to see why the ephemeral world of the traveling circus has preoccupied the imaginations of the west. Throw in some laughs, dancing girls and a geek in the truest sense of the word, and you’ve got a story we couldn’t resist.

The day you’d be going, May 16th, is on one of the Geffen’s “Wine Down Sundays” where they have free flowing wine in the lobby area before the show. Hooray!

Plus, The Geffen’s restaurant partner Nine-Thirty at the W Hotel in Westwood has generously donated a $100 gift certificate for dinner so you can enjoy a delish dinner before the wine and show.

Wanna go? Well, of course you do. To enter to win, leave a comment below telling me what YOU would be if you ran away to join the circus. A fortune-teller? The strongman? The tattooed lady? Everyone’s got a favorite, you know.

Even if you don’t win, you can still get tickets for half price on Goldstar when you join for free here. Full disclosure: yes, I used to work for them. And even after seeing the inner workings of the company, I love them (how often can someone say that?)! Their weekly member emails offer everything from comp tix to the circus (appropriate, no?) to VIP seats at Derby Dolls games and tix from Pee-Wee to the Dorothy Chandler. Thanks to Marni, Missy, Sandy and everyone at Goldstar for letting me give this cool prize away.

89 thoughts on “See Nightmare Alley at the Geffen Plus Dinner–It’s On Metblogs & Goldstar!”

  1. I would be the “guess your weight” guy and lie to all the pretty ladies in order to get some perks.

  2. If I could runaway to the circus I would be the FATWOMAN…someone has too. And its probably my turn…..

  3. As someone who is known by all my family and friends to be scared of anything that has to do with height, depth and speed…if ever I run away and join the circus, I will be the fearless trapeze artist (in my dreams)who will awestruck everybody with my awesome talent !!!lols

  4. I would be a Circus Carnie. I want to be the guy running the games I can never win. I’ve always wanted to say, “You pay your money and take your chances!” for a living.

  5. I think I wold love to be the sexy lady riding the elephant in a rhinestone costume with a big feather headpiece! :et’s go to the circus

  6. I love the circus and I would choose to be the fortune teller! They were always so mysterious and seemed like they knew so many secrets. A circus isn’t complete without a fortune teller.. They add verisimilitude to the fantastical, not-quite-reality feel of the circus.

  7. i would wanna be the tight rope or the trapeze artist Ala Cirque Du Soleil outfits and acrobatic act style performance. That would be very cool.

  8. every likes a good trapeze artist. but I like those silks. mine would be a corset clad clown twisting up on the silks doing balloon art as I cascade down the sateen material in ballet slippers.

  9. I’d be what I am 24/7…the JUGGLER!!! With three kids in high school and four jobs, I’ve gotta be the best at it!

  10. When I was younger, I was a snake handler in a circus but I always wanted to be the Ringmaster wearing the nifty outfit!

  11. I’d like to have a trained Okapi act, Okapis are probably the most exotic animal on the planet, looking like half zebra half giraffe. We’d be a sellout. Walk this way!!

  12. Ladies & Gents, if you dare, join the crowd inside the tent for “Edgar, the Incredible Human Worm”. The head of a Man – the body of a worm!

    I’m all for jobs where you’re paid to lie around all day. Actually, Mr. Carny barker, change that introduction to “Edgar, the Human Worm AND Winner for the past 2 years of the Playstation 2 World Championships!”

  13. If I were going to be a carnival act, I would need to be the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster knows everybody’s secrets and what skeletons are in their closets. He holds the key to the gate. All knowing and I look amazing in red.

  14. I would love to be the barker at the Fun House – “Come one, come all – enter the magical world of the fun house” and that the Fun House was like the one in the “Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” -:))

  15. While I have many freakish qualities worthy of a side show act, I think I would prefer to work the crowd as a Barker… “Step right up folks, and see the wonders of the world brought to your doorstep by the flyby-nightly circus extravaganza.For just 2 pennies you can marvel at the …”

    In the side show ally, the fun is not so much in the act itself (usually) as the anticipation of the spectacle built up in the minds of the audience by the Barkers call.

  16. Ohhh, so many options. I have never been to the circus, so I would want to be the Ring Master- then I could watch the entire show and enjoy it just like the audience. Plus, then I would have a top hat and a bow tie.

  17. Ohhh, so many options. I have never been to the circus, so I would want to be the Ring Master- then I could watch the entire show and enjoy it just like the audience. Plus, then I would have a top hat and a bow tie.

  18. Balancing act! Juggling and balancing plates, all while riding a unicycle! Wheeeee!

  19. I would be a trapeze ballerina, that would come down from the ceiling and fly around the carnival first in the air with the energy of a tinkerbell character, that lightly touches people in the audience with a magical wand sprinkling carnival magical dust to prepare the audience for the magical experience and ride that they are about to encounter at the Carnival!!

  20. I would be the ring master. I’ve never been to the circus, so I want to see the show!

  21. I’d like to run a cotton candy machine at a carnival, with tons of different flavors. Strawberry, grape, vanilla, bacon maple, blue raspberry.

  22. I would be the world’s tallest midget. Or if I’m being politically correct I’d be the world’s tallest little person. I’m 6’5″.

  23. I’d be the clown that haunts your nightmares (the kiddies have to get their emotional scars somewhere, after all)…or perhaps the sword swallower, also scary but at least popular with the gents.

  24. I would be the dog/wolf boy, covered in hair and howling like an animal to freak people out. I would also combine that with the skill of sword swallowing and/or fire eating. Now that’s entertainment!

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