Blogger vs. Parking Douchebag, Front-to-Back Edition

Just when I thought I had seen it all from the parking db’s*, along comes this truck-parking fool.  He’s taking up 2 spaces in a parking lot near me that was very crowded.  You can tell from the photos that this isn’t some inadvertent close call due to the size of the truck.  It’s parked 50-50 in two spaces, one in front of the other.

You may also notice “for sale” signs on the truck with a local telephone number.  So I did what any good Metblogger/troublemaker (redundant, I know) would do: I called the number.  I heard a recorded message from “Sammy” asking callers to leave a message.  Here’s mine:

“Hi, Sammy, I saw your truck for sale parked in the shopping center parking lot.  You know your truck is parked in two spaces, right?  And it’s not a close call or anything.  It’s halfway into the space in front.  And the parking lot is really crowded today, so we really needed that second spot.  I wanted to let you know that I am calling the police.  Have a nice day.”

I always like to end my phone calls on an up note, don’t you?  By the way, the phone number printed on the sign on the truck is (310) 749-6859, you know, in case you want to call Sammy to buy his truck.

*I am using this term instead of “parking ‘tard” to more accurately reflect the deliberate and knowing nature of the activity.

2 thoughts on “Blogger vs. Parking Douchebag, Front-to-Back Edition”

  1. Unfortunately…unless he was in handicapped spaces the police won’t come for parking tards. Hell LAPD is so cash strapped they won’t even do “report only” auto accident calls anymore, they’ll only show for blood on the pavement.

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