Guess The Amount: Frond Memories

So yesterday was a leeeetle breezy around Los Angeles way. Not only did I get to harrowingly experience what it’s like to have repeated head-on and t-bone collisions with some pretty powerful gusts while biking to/from work, but when I got home last night cursing the wind like an escaped mental patient my wife Susan told me to go check out the backyard where I found this gift bestowed by the younger and shorter of our two palm trees (click to enlargify; Ranger Dog added for scale):

This morning at the breakadawn in respect for local, state and federal fire codes regarding matters of ingress and egress and because I couldn’t leave the backyard in such a horrible state, I  relocated the tangled mass of fronds off the central walkway in a far more orderly mass against the fence, and in doing so counted each and every one of the fuckers.

So how many do you think there were?

UPDATE (5.1): And the total number of fallen palm fronds is…? 106! Which makes Babamoto the closest overall with a guess of 121.

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