Classic Eats #10: Quality Forever

Last Saturday was a fun, though very low-key Classic Eats. The weather was gorgeous and so was the company!

Special guest Susan (who is now a veteran Classic Eater*) and I were first at Johnnie’s Pastrami. We were met a short while later by Sarah and her son Charlie then Burns! not long thereafter. We chowed down on some classic yum yums at Johnnies: Pastrami, chili cheese fries and cole slaw.

After that there was many full bellied good-byes and Susan and I headed over to the Apple Pan for dessert. (Stopping to pick up my better half on the way.) The Pan was packed so the three of us opted to get our food to go. Outside we said hello to some other Classic Eaters who had skipped Johnnie’s for the Full Apple Pan experience.

Everyone seemed to eat well and enjoy the ambiance of these Classic Westside joints!

Click past the jump for more photos of the good food and even better company!

*Veteran status = you’ve been to more than one Classic Eats.

Mmmm, pickles!
God shines down on Susan and Johnnie's Pastrami
Burns! begins the assault on the pastrami!
I wondered why I was a little gassy later that night...
Quality Forever!
It's all counter seating only at The Apple Pan
Old School drink containers
Old school cash register (still in use!)
Old School YUM!

2 thoughts on “Classic Eats #10: Quality Forever”

  1. While we were a small group, it was great to able to chat about the Derby Dolls with Burns and hear about Charlie’s Earth Day encounter with Jim Cameron. The pastrami was good, but the company was better. Looking forward to the Donut Summit.

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