Win Tix To Aqua Teen Hunger Force LIVE at the El Rey!

OMFG. Seriously. This show, on Tuesday–I don’t even know what to say. I can’t even imagine what it will be. Except “weird.” And “good.”

This is a live stage show from the psychotic creators of Adult Swim’s most postmodern and bizarro series, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” which stars a combo meal of a self-centered and thoughtless milkshake, a paternalistic serving of French fries, and a childlike, naive wad of ground meat.  The trio interact primarily with their hapless trogdolytic Jerseyite neighbor, Carl, and a rotating cast of various & sundry aliens, monsters, and forces of evil, who they often outwit through no actual effort of their own. The show always ends with a masterfully executed non sequitur.

The live show combines stand-up and senselessness from creators Dave Willis & Dana Snyder, animated clips “that may never be shown again! But probably will!”, free stuff, a Meatwad competition (I have no idea what this could entail), and general epic hilarity for people whose idea of “funny” is what most average people consider “confusing.”

To win, tell me your favorite ATHF episode in the comments. One lucky winner and a pal will see the show!!!!!!!!! If for any reason you can’t create a new account with us right now (pardon our dust), email me at lucindamichele (at) gmail (dot) com. Word.

18 thoughts on “Win Tix To Aqua Teen Hunger Force LIVE at the El Rey!”

  1. Season 2,Episode: Total Re-Carl

    You ordered a buttload of organs?
    I didn’t say ‘buttload.’ I said ‘@$$load.’ Bureaucrats, to think I was polite with those people

  2. Thanks to everyone who’s unable to create new accounts or login right now. We’re doing some site maintenance behind the scenes that’s causing some weirdities. I appreciate your emailing me, so I have a way to reach you if you win.

  3. Well, obviously _Broodwich_.

    “The Broodwich cannot be tampered with or separated” … Shake: “I just did”

  4. My absolute favorite episode ist he one where we dive into the complexity of Carl Brutananadilewski, from his daily regimen of food and porn to his spectacular skills as a babysitter. The whole episode is a sad look into Carl’ life. It makes me feel better about my own state of affairs.

  5. I have to fall back on the Love Mummy episode. “Huug?!” “CUUUURRRRRSE!!!!!!!”.

  6. Hand Banana
    “tonight you.” Rape should not be funny but Carl makes anything a riot. Hand banana is not a boy anymore, He’s a Man!

  7. Oh, I didn’t see this was a contest…I wasn’t trying to enter. To be honest, I thought the show really went downhill after the first two seasons, and I gave up watching it.

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