Star Trek: Birdwatching

Web friend and fellow of the double boing David Pescovitz, points out that his sister-in-law is “organizing a fantastically geeky fundraiser for the Los Angeles Audubon Society involving bird watching and, er, Star Trek. To celebrate LA Audubon’s 100th anniversary, the group is hosting a week-long “Bird A Thon” where you can sign up on a team to visit hot birding spots in the area with an experienced birder. The teams will compete to see who can spot the most species. Mary is pals with John Billingsley of Star Trek: Enterprise and he kindly gathered some of his Trek friends to form the Bald(ing) Eagles of Star Trek Team.”

It costs $150 and your RSVP needs to happen by May 1, but assuming you are in you’ll get to spend all afternoon spotting our feathered friends with always delightful cast of Star Trek. More info on the LA Audubon Society site.