Unique LA Returns This Weekend, Yeah!

For the locavores in all of us, Unique LA returns this weekend to the California Market Center downtown, yeah!  For those who missed the previous iterations, Unique LA brings together over 300 local artists, designers, and other crafty sorts who show and sell their awesome wares together in one giant, Costco-sized room.  From the looks of their participant list, you’re going to find everything from one-of-a-kind stationary sets to hand-dyed tshirts to you-definitely-did-not-get-that-at-Ikea housewares.   Last time, I scored two awesome $5 tshirts and a pen (this is better than it sounds), and my neighbor walked away with a super kawaii purse.  When you get exhausted from walking around the room (and you will – my advice is to pace yourself and constantly refer to the map like you were at Disneyland trying to figure out where Space Mountain is relative to Toon Town (answer: opposite sides of the park, get ready for a walk)), you can walk the line between hipster and homemaker at one of their DIY workshops, or you can check out Amoeba’s pop-up store, or you can eat.  Yes, eat: the Flying Pig truck will be there, as will be Cool  Haus (whose cookie ice cream sandwiches provided a much needed respite from the 90+ degree heat at Coachella) and Platine Cookies (get the platino.  At least one.).  Tickets are $10; it includes a free (alcoholic, yes) drink.  If you are absolutely certain about going, I’d buy tickets online ASAP to skip the crowds offline.  Eat local, buy local.  See you there.

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  1. As usual, your posts never disappoint! Thank you for supporting us and for giving great/funny advice. Show us a pic of “the pen”, I’m so intrigued… See you soon!

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