LA Plays Itself In The Movies – Fade Out

Hooray for Hollywood!

Thanks to all the Metblog authors who joined in the fun of our series about Los Angeles playing her own multi-facted self in the movies. There are so many movies out there that of course we would never be able to cover them all. But the mix and match aspect of the movies written about was fascinating: Noir and punk, pop and camp, blockbusters and indies.

Check out the movies after the jump, put them on your netflix queue and enjoy your fair city in all her starring roles.

Riot On The Sunset Strip (Alexandra Apolloni)

Repo Man (Travis Koplow)

The Limey (Mike Winder)

Blue Thunder (Julia Frey)

Barton Fink (Matt Mason)

Midnight Madness (Kevin Ott)

Crash (Queequeg)

(500) Days of Summer (Janna Smith)

Mildred Pierce (Alexandra Appolloni)

Speed (Julia Frey)

The Omega Man (Mike Winder)

Magnolia (Travis Koplow)

Volcano (Kevin Ott)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Janna Smith)

Blade Runner (RobNoxious)

Swingers (Verdell Wilson)

Valley of the Dolls & Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (Travis Koplow)

LA Confidential (Kevin Ott)

Double Indemnity (Will Campbell)

It’s A Bikini World (Alexandra Appolloni)

Earth Girls Are Easy (Frazgo)

Valley Girl (Jodi Kurland)

The Big Lebowski (Rob Noxious)

Sunset Boulevard (Tammara)

Mulholland Drive (Queequeg)

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  1. Yes, thanks for organizing, Julia! There really are a lot of L.A. movies I need to watch. I wish I could have done more, but am possibly going to weave mention of one into a future post I’m planning.

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