Archiving Angeles (AA): Los Angeles & Independence

Before the Expo Line… Before the Santa Monica Air Line… There was the Los Angeles and Independence Railroad.  It ran on steam, and terminated at Fifth Street and San Pedro in Santa Monica. A trip from L.A. set you back $1.00.

The year was 1895.

Photo from USC Digital Library

2 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): Los Angeles & Independence”

  1. Isn’t this 5th and San Pedro in downtown LA not Santa Monica? Is there a San Pedro St. in Santa Monica?

    I’m thinking this is a photo of the train station in what was then and still is now Skid Row.

  2. The LA&I ran from 5th and San Pedro in Downtown LA to the Wharf (that was what they called the Pier in those days) in Santa Monica.

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