Jung’s The Red Book Hits the Hammer Museum

I’m fascinated by dreaming and the unconscious mind.  Forget traveling to Cabo for the weekend, taking an exploratory trip into the inner depth inside and unearthing the creativity we all have access to is perhaps the most fascinating journey there is in this life.  Maybe it’s even one of the reasons we are here.  Carl Jung was the leader in this exploration.  His theories, keen insights into psychology and spirituality offer a goldmine of the richness and the pathos we humans are capable of.  And it’s all there in his Red Book.

“The Red Book”, a collection of Jung’s art work… and until last year, his unpublished thoughts on the collective unconscious, famous theories about archetypes and the process of individuation are all worked out here.  This book and the art work are, as he described it, his “prima materia for a lifetime’s work. Until very recently though, it sat in a safe deposit box in Switzerland and very few people had ever seen it.  It’s an amazing ride of spectacular paintings, drawings and archival material from his work.  His use of color and the ideas expressed in his art work blows my mind.

The show at the Hammer Museum, The Red Book of C. G. Jung: Creation of a New Cosmology is running now through June 6th. It’s the only scheduled show of his work on the West Coast.  They are also putting on a series of lectures, the first of which debuts this Sunday.  More in-depth info here and the lecture series here.