Bike Every (Satur)Day In May

Ten Bridges Re-RideIt started last year. I’d come off a pretty lackluster April bike-wise and I vowed to “Bike Every Day In May,” which I did… but that’s not the point.

The point is that besides all the regular workday commuting I did throughout that month-long endeavor, the weekends were for fun, involving a series of group rides that I organized, accompanied usually by a few intrepid souls (such as from left: Helen, Jared, (me), Hap and Alex pictured at right). So. with April’s impending demise I’ve decided to go sorta 2nd Annual up in here with “Bike Every (Satur)Day In May” and you’re welcome to come along for the rides, which you’ll find listed chronologically after the jump…

All rides will start and end at the same place: SilverSun Plaza in Silver Lake at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Parkman Avenue.

Ten Bridges Re-Ride10 Bridges Ride (Backwards) – We’ll cross all 10 L.A. River bridges between Vernon and Chinatown, except unlike past editions of this classic zigzagger, this time we’ll be reversing course starting at Chinatown and heading south. Breakfast afterward at the World Famous Blue Star Restaurant in the Scrap Metal District where we will toast bridge builder Merrill Butler’s name several times. About 17 miles. Leaves at 10 a.m., May 1.

Watts Happening Ride – To Watts Towers and back with various stops at a couple dramatic shootout spots, a Nobel Peace Prize winner’s childhood home, and the Central Avenue Jazz District. Lunch at King Taco. About 30 miles (halfway option available via Blue Line return). Leaves at 10 a.m., May 8.

The Frank Lloyd Wride – A tour involving the famed architect’s four Hollywood Hills residences: Ennis, Hollyhock, Freeman and Storer. There will be climbing. Probably a stop on the way for nun-baked pumpkin bread from The Monastery of the Angels, with Musso & Frank’s after for flannel cakes, baby! About 20 miles. Leaves at 10 a.m., May 15.

The Two Rivers Ride: A metric-century plus extravaganza involving the breadth of the Real Eastside’s Whittier Boulevard to the San Gabriel River to Seal Beach to Long Beach and back up the Los Angeles River. Lunch at Wurstkuche. About 65 miles (halfway option available via Blue Line return). Leaves at 8 a.m., May 22.

Timelapse of the Two Rivers Ride


The Black Dahlia Historic West Adams Mosey – We’ll see where Elizabeth Short was last seen alive, journey to where her remains were found and then venture through the living history of the West Adams District. Tacos at El Parian. About 30 miles. Leaves at 10 a.m., May 29 (which also happens to be my birthday so let’s partay).

Timelapse of most of the Black Dahlia/West Adams Ride.


(Bonus) Memorial Day Ride: A trek across town to the National Cemetery in Westwood and then a visit to the Getty Museum. Lunch at The Village Idiot. About 30 miles. Leaves at 10 a.m., May 31.

Timelapse of The Memorial Day Ride.


I reserve the right to stop at and point out various socio-cultura-historical locations and/or read awkwardly from poorly organized notes gleaned from the googlenets in an effort to get you to share my appreciation for them. Helmets encouraged; functioning bikes and the tools/equipment required to fix flats expected. No rider left behind. Pace is casual/moderate. Laminated spokecards will be distributed — collect all five!

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  1. I just recently started training on a road bike. I will be down for AT LEAST one of these rides. I’ll try my hardest to make the birthday ride for sure!

  2. Thanks Cindy! The halfway version of the Watts ride would totally be within your ability. The casual trip to the towers isn’t more than 13 flat miles and there will be four stops on the way in which I will be regurging various factoids about the SLA shootout, Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralphe Bunche, the Central Jazz Quarter and the Black Panther shootout. After visiting the towers there’s a Blue Line station very close that can get you back up to downtown. Think about it!

  3. Woohoo! Looking forward to making a couple of the rides.

    Rode San Gabriel Valley’s Emerald Necklace bike trail network this past Sunday for the first time. The paths are along the San Gabriel river watershed and connect new natural parks in El Monte, Whittier, City of Industry, and Irwindale. One highlight from the ride, was finding the Benjamin Dominguez 1960 giant cement sea creatures spread around Legg Lake. The bike paths are rather hidden unless you have your trusty iPhone with Google maps. Recommend checking it out while the wildflowers are blooming. They’re everywhere!

  4. I’m hoping to see you out there Waltarrrrr! And that Emerald Necklace network is news to me. I’ve been on the San Gabe River from Duarte on down but I’ve never seen any giant cement sea monsters! I will definitely put it on my list and keep my eyes wide.

  5. For healthy reasons riding a bike is very good, if you turn it into a hobby that’s great, if you turn that hobby into a project like this, that’s excellent and I think it is a very good idea. Keep it up guys.

  6. For the Ten Bridges Ride tomorrow: if a person wanted to intercept the ride downtown / in Chinatown rather than meet in Silverlake, where would be a good place to do that? Ordinarily one would think Cesar Chavez, but who knows what streets might be closed in advance of the May Day festivities…

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