LA Plays Pandora in the Movies

Well, more specifically, The Grove plays Pandora in the movies, tomorrow. Head there after 2 PM (that’s the press check-in time; the actual event starts a bit later), and you can see yourself turned into a Na’vi, just like whatshisname did in Avatar.

Sadly, this does not involve climbing into a tank and transferring your consciousness into an actual ten-foot-tall blue cat-person. Nor does it involve riding dragons or having awesome trippy ponytail-USB sex with a digitally manipulated Zoe Saldana. And instead of being surrounded by the primeval forests of a faraway world, you’ll be surrounded by Barnes & Noble and Wetzel’s Pretzels.

No, here’s what happens: The digital-effects journeymen at InWindow  Outdoor will use facial-recognition technology to morph shoppers’ faces in real-time into the big blue natives of Pandora. And you can presumably watch yourself on a screen, in Na’vi form.

Sadly, there’s no news of this on The Grove’s own site; I found the item on the movie news website (warning: site is lousy with those pop-up ads that boink into existence when you hover your mouse over highlighted phrases).