Women of the Wild West this Weekend!

I’ve always fantasized about the women who came West and settled this amazing part of the United States.  How did they do it?  Traveling across the country on a wagon train, having babies, trying to stay alive and keep their families healthy in the face of cold winters and scant food.  Then you add in the Native American women who were here to start with and you have an amazingly rich history of tough females who created this frontier.

Well, starting Friday, at the Gene Autry Museum, you can examine the rich history these women created.  The exhibit, “Home Lands:  How the Women Made the West” runs from April 16th-August 22nd and features an amazing array of artwork, oral and written stories and photographs of these pioneers.  It’s a treasure trove of the past and the contributions women made to settling here and other regions of the West.  From Annie Oakley to Native American Princesses, it’s all here right adjacent to Griffith Park.

2 thoughts on “Women of the Wild West this Weekend!”

  1. I’d fine tune the exhibit run, above. “April 16th-22nd”. Makes it sound like the exhibit is only open for a week!

    A check on the Autry web site reveals it’s actually open from April 16th thru AUGUST 22nd…

    Much better…

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