Win Tix to Butch Walker & The Black Widows with Eulogies

Butch Walker’s infectiously melodic tunes graft classic Americana onto Elvis Costello-style songcraft. H’e also an accomplished songwriter, with an impressive roster of famous folks who’ve covered his songs, often to the tune of high record sales. But it’s his own work that’s worth the price of admission.

Photo by Scott Penner on flickr used under a Creative Commons License.

You won’t have to pay any price, though, if you win these tickets. To win, tell me a song of Walker’s that you like, and tell me why you’re so fond of it. We’ll pick a few lucky winners to see the show Monday night (yes, that would be tonight, since most of you won’t see this tonight as I’m typing it).

Info on the show is here. Please check your email often to see if you’ve won.

I love this video not only cause the song’s great and the narrative of the video is just precious, but he’s driving past all sorts of places I used to when I’d take my random desert road trips back in ’06 and ’07.


4 thoughts on “Win Tix to Butch Walker & The Black Widows with Eulogies”

  1. Don’t Move. Whenever I see Butch live, I hope and pray for that song, because there is absolutely nothing as powerful in the world as his delivery of the bridge. It’s breathtaking.

  2. “Light’s Out” for this specific verse:

    ‘I’m feeling kinda bored so let’s go charge up the car
    Let’s all put on those trucker hats
    And head out to a bar
    We’ll end up at the Standard in the bathroom doin’ coke
    This is very Hollywood
    And yeah, I get the joke’

    The way he says the line is very vicious, and the song in general is very, you broke my heart but now I’m just going to be a jerk about it and get trashed like I don’t care at all.

  3. Sober is very revealing as it allows a different perspective on life…good or bad.

  4. “Best Thing You Never Had” I feel like everyone has had that moment where they feel like romantic roadkill and Butch puts that moment into a song with utter perfection. This song is so angry and so sad – an essential breakup tune.

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