Weekend To Do: Kick Ass Burlesque, Kick Ass Cherry Blossoms

For those of you who didn’t make it out to see the Star Warz Burlesque show last month at the Henry Fonda (womp womp), here’s your chance to repent: at the Bordello Bar downtown Saturday night, Courtney Cruz’s burlesque troupe, Devil’s Playground, will don their (very) tights and capes and go from Clark Kent to Superman to nearly nude in A Kick-Ass Evening of Burlesque and Cabaret.  This neatly coincides with the April 16th opening of Kick-Ass, which apparently is a movie about superheroes without superpowers, like firefighters, Cesar Milan, and, yeah, burlesque dancers.

Unless Devil’s Playground takes its act to Sanrio, you’ll have to be content with seeing a tame Hello Kitty at social functions like Royal/T events and festivals like the Cherry Blossom festival in Little Tokyo this weekend.  While there actually are not any cherry blossom trees in Little Tokyo (they’re scattered throughout the greater LA area), the annual celebration of Japanese art and culture will have all sorts of festivities for you, the kiddies, the (hello) kitties, and even the doggies – on Sunday, the public voting in the Most Photogenic Dog contest will be held and a winner will be crowned.  Not the prettiest dog, mind you, or the cutest one, just the one that poses for the best picture.  I’m rooting for the shiba inu, and it’s totally because I have one.  And, I might add, so does the Imperial family.  The festival runs all weekend long; check out the homepage for the full schedule.