Win Tix To Mint Condition Saturday April 10 at Club Nokia

We offer a lot of rock and indie-rock tickets on this site but I didn’t want to neglect those of you who love a good slow jam. Mint Condition has been delivering prime cute of quality R&B that fuses influences as diverse as traditional jazz, funktastic grooves, even Latin and Jamaican rhythms, and plenty of soul. This should be a great date night. Grab some sushi at Katsuya next door, then hit Club Nokia for a night of music from some seriously experienced musicians.

Wanna go? Tell me your favorite R&B classic. We’ll pick a few lucky winners to go. Grab your date now.

5 thoughts on “Win Tix To Mint Condition Saturday April 10 at Club Nokia”

  1. Favorite R&B classic from Min Condition would be “”What Kind of Man Would I Be?”, outside of Mint Condition…that’s IMPOSSIBlE to narrow down!

  2. Favorite R&B classic, hmmm, so many…I’ll go with Don’t Let Go by the late great Isaac Hayes.

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