Putting The Ad In Bad: Painfully Hilari… Nah, Just Painful

Is there a more leg-crossingly horrifying story out there right now than the one about the Murrieta infant who lost his testicles in an attack by two dogs? Well, thanks to some ad server’s keyword metric, this amazing juxtaposition of ad and editorial got paired when I landed on the CBS2.com page to read the story. Behold the screengrab:

4 thoughts on “Putting The Ad In Bad: Painfully Hilari… Nah, Just Painful”

  1. Speaking of ironic juxtaposition, did anyone think it was a little awkward to put the “baby gets testicles chewed off by dog” above the “classic eats” post?

  2. All the while, a cheerleader does a massive kick split in the thumbnail above the headline.

    The team she’s cheering for? The Pitbulls.

    I’m 100% serious. Give or take 110%.

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