Classic Eats #10: Time To Vote!

Saturday April 24 is Classic Eats #10 and no matter who you vote for, it’s going to be a doozy! You may have noticed by now that Classic Eats is not for the faint of heart of weak of stomach. These are not evenings with many (if any) veggie options — this is food made old school. Be prepared!

This being our 10th anniversary, I wanted to bring back one of the earliest evenings we had as a choice on our ballot. The other two choices are new and will be oh so awesome.

The options are:

1) Classic Eats #2 REPRISE – Downtown Delights: Traxx at Union Station and Phillipe’s. This was one of the funnest nights we had! Great group of people, we could walk to Phillipe’s from Union Station, great company, great food, great architecture, great signage.

2) Hot Dogs and Hamburgers: Papoo’s Hot Dog Show and Bob’s Big Boy. We can start at Papoo’s and then have dessert at Bob’s. Or not. You do it however you like.

3) Westside Counter Intelligence (with a respectful nod to Jonathan Gold for that title): Johnnie’s Pastrami and The Apple Pan. Seating being oh so very limited at the Apple Pan that I figured, eat at Johnnie’s, then pie at the Apple Pan. Or not. You can eat whatever, wherever you want. I’m not the boss of you!

As ever,we’ll start early, around 5pm the first location, then about an hour or two later we’ll mosey to the 2nd location. More details when the votes are in. The polls are open now and will stay open until Monday, April 19th.

Click here to vote for Classic Eats #10!

Click past the jump for more info on all of our choices.

Downtown Delights – Many of you ride the rails in LA so you have probably been to/through Union Stationa few times. It’s like stepping back in time. Phillipe’s is celebrating its 101st anniversary this year, so let’s go dipping!

Union Station (Traxx)

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers – Papoo’s is a classic 50’s style Hot Dog stand with awesome signage. (I’m a big fan of signage.) It is just down the block and across the street from Bob’s Big Boy, originator of the double decker hamburger.

Papoo’s (couldn’t find their own website, but here’s a great blog post by a hot dog lover.)
Bob’s Big Boy (Did you know there is a Bob’s in Bismarck, North Dakota?? How random is that?)

Westside Counter Intelligence – Johnnie’s has been around for a while, and I’ve heard their chili cheese fries are the bomb. The Apple Pan is so old it’s new again and the guys working behind the counter are the real deal.

Johnnie’s (Also great signage!)
The Apple Pan

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  1. Going for #1, since I’ve always walked by Traxx, but never gone in. Also, STILL haven’t made it to Phillipe’s. Yay!! Can’t wait!

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