Win Tix to Liars with Fol Chen at the El Rey, Sat. April 10!

Photo by alterna2 on flickr under a Creative Commons license

I had the chance to see Liars the last time they played the El Rey. Both LA Metblogs’ own Travis and myself were blown away by the epic performance, the charisma and the utter creativity. Liars are not an easy band. They are not hooky, jangly, beachy or full of earworm melodies. They’re a band for people who love to get meta with sound, who love to dissolve and discuss layers of sonic assault, for…record store geeks. Yep.

So, to win tickets, tell me your best record-store-geek anecdote. Make it clear to me how much cooler you are than the rest of us. Go all the way. Tell me about that band you loved before anyone else or how you really prefer this one seven-inch Japanese pressing of this one-off side project of this one obscure band that primarily did field recordings. Go. Win!

Info on the show is here chez Goldenvoice.

One thought on “Win Tix to Liars with Fol Chen at the El Rey, Sat. April 10!”

  1. Loved They Threw Us All In a Trench… and Fins to Make Us More Fish-Like, but couldn’t get into Drum’s Not Dead at all, and haven’t listened to any of their stuff since then.

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