Derby Dolls smack, jam and brawl

Photographer Colin Remas Brown, who captured a post-apocalyptic Griffith Park following the May 2007 fire, sent in this report from last Sunday’s Derby Dolls event:
photo by Colin Remas Brown

Tough looking nine-year-old girls yell, “We love Smack,” and I’m not surprised, I’m at the all ages Baby Doll Brawl.

Inside the Doll Factory, a cavernous Echo Park warehouse, the Black Diamonds are battling the Rotten Candy. These rookie L.A. Derby Dolls are eager and mean, obviously they have something to prove. For many this is their first bout and they want to impress the pack.

I’m here to document my friend Rhiannon kicking some Rotten Candy(ass), and she did. The stars on her helmet let you know that she’s the jammer, the point scorer for this one minute period in the game.

While I’m trying get at least a couple photos in focus I hear “Fleetwood Smack,” Rhiannon’s derby name, incessantly repeated over the PA system and screamed by her new fans.

When the game’s over it’s Black Diamond’s… 106 to 96.

All pics courtesy Colin:

Check out Colin’s full set from the bout here, and his personal site here; for more on the Los Angeles Derby Dolls, go here.

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