Turner Classic Movies Film Festival Comes to Los Angeles April 22-25

2001: A Space Odyssey. Image courtesy TCM

Turner Classic Movies is holding its first Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles from April 22-25. The recently published lineup of classic films is astonishing, including Casablanca, The Good, the Band and the Ugly, Some Like it Hot, The Producers, Sunset Blvd., 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Stunt Man, and more.  Also on the bill are panel discussions, receptions, and an introduction to North By Northwest by two of its stars, Eva Marie Saint and Martin Landau.  Participating theaters include Grauman’s Chinese Theater, The Egyptian, and others.

Unfortunately, the admission price to the Festival may be prohibitive to many.  Passes covering four days of screenings and events currently run $ 499 or $ 599.  According to the Festival’s website, individual tickets are also available, although seating preference will be given to pass holders.  TCM informs me that individual tickets are in the $20 to $30 range, with 50 percent discounts for those with a valid student i.d.

Perhaps next year, TCM will sell cheaper (e.g., one-day) passes.  Meanwhile cable and satellite tv subscribers can play along on the home version: according to its schedule, TCM airs many of the films from the Festival on its cable channel, where the price of admission is your monthly bill.

6 thoughts on “Turner Classic Movies Film Festival Comes to Los Angeles April 22-25”

  1. What a colossal rip off. I’ve seen Every one of the movies you highlighted from the series in the theatre in LA, and usually for free or $5-$10. Damn near every movie in their series has been overplayed on cable and none of them are so rare in theatres that someone should pay a ridiculous price to see them.

  2. Yikes, way too expensive, and while the films are undoubtedly great, most of them are ones that aren’t exactly hard to see.

    About 10 years ago, both Cal State Long Beach and LACMA had widescreen film festivals: films in Panavision (or one of the other anamorphic formats) or 70mm and shown in restored prints. Plus, they went beyond the usual fare. Wish something like that was still happening.

  3. I was so excited when they first announced this…….until I saw the prices.

    I’ll admit I’d pay good money just to be in the presence of the great Robert Osborne but at these rates I could practically purchase every film on the schedule.

  4. I would definitely have gone, mainly just to see Metropolis. But the pricing of this event is simply outrageous. At most you could see 4-5 films a day on their schedule. So you’re paying a MINIMUM of $500 to see a dozen movies that are readily available elsewhere. I guess the rest of the cost is to see the ancient movie stars showing up to talk about the films.

  5. I have one classic pass I want to sell for 300 .. if interested please call 32356522263 asap


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