Trader Joe’s Hits Hollywood

I’m giddy that a new Trader Joe’s is opening in Hollywood on the Corner of Selma and Vine (just below Sunset).  I’m not sure what that says about me…

I guess that I’m attached to their frozen french Gruyere pizzas and I like Pinot from Santa Ynez that is priced several bucks lower than other retail places.  Yes.  But I’m also impressed that they consistently get organic vegetables and fruit… by the same grower as Whole Foods, that is two dollars less! It doesn’t make sense to me because for the volume they do, Whole Foods should be able to get discount prices too,  yet over and over again, I find the same products at both stores with wildly lower prices at TJ’s.

In any case, I’m excited that in two weeks or so I can roll down the hill and get my market tasks done in the hood!  Yay!  The revitalization of Hollywood is working!

5 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Hits Hollywood”

  1. Don’t you mean (Just ABOVE Sunset) or (Just BELOW Hollywood)?

    What caught my eye in that photo on the left was the palms on the sidewalk. Didn’t the city of Los Angeles pass a law a few years back prohibiting the planting of palms as street trees, opting for more shade-tastic native trees? I remember this especially because just before passage of said law, around 2003, Hollywood BID, removed a bunch of shade trees at Hollywood & Vine, and replaced them with… palms.

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