5 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): Van Nuys Boulevard”

  1. Part of the reason I chose this photo is because of the increased call for more dedicated public transit along Van Nuys Blvd.

    I think Metro plans to study another one of their infamous busways for Van Nuys Blvd., similar to the Orange Line. Personally, I think the Valley should INSIST on more projects being rail.

    Imagine rail on Van Nuys being part of the future 405 corridor project. Now imagine this having a connection at the 101/405 interchange with a Red Line extension from Universal City to Warner Center.

    Did your head just explode?

  2. Great idea Jason, the buslines are for the birds. Of course my wish for a major rail line from Ventura to S’bdoo to relieve the congestion on the whole 101/134/210 corridor will be my wish and lobbying until it happens.

  3. Sure wish we had a streetcar system like that now!


    In 1929, near the peak of the Red Cars’ popularity, service from downtown to Van Nuys ran once every 45 minutes until afternoon rush hour, then once every 30 minutes until 6 pm, then once every 60 minutes until service shut down at 11:30 pm.

    Past Van Nuys, cars alternated to Canoga Park and San Fernando, so service on those segments ran only half as often.

    Downtown to Van Nuys took just over an hour. Canoga Park or San Fernando, an hour and 23 minutes.

    Inbound service was similar, though it started and ended later (Morning inbound service didn’t begin until the first outbound cars arrived from downtown, and the last outbound cars at night made a return trip).

    It also featured 30 minute headways during morning rush hour rather than afternoon.

    Aside from the Red Car line, the only other transit service in the Valley was a bus line on Ventura Blvd. that ran once an hour.

    It’s easy to wax nostalgic for the ‘good old days’ if you didn’t actually live through them; but really, our transit service today is far, far better today than it ever was then, even if it doesn’t all run on rails.

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