Head to Palm Springs…the desert is blooming!

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According to the locals I spoke with we are about another week or so before the peak blossom for the Mojave around Palm Springs.  As it is the entire valley floor is awash in bright yellows and whites.  Under it all is this petite little wild flower (name escapes me and I can’t find the note I made on it).

The Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve is blooming right now and should be really nice as we are approaching peak bloom for up there.  More info on the Preserve HERE.

My digging around the web also yielded “Carol Leigh’s Wildflower” .  That web site has tons of info on where flowers are blooming and updated nearly daily.  In it I learned the High Desert (think Barstow/Calico) aren’t doing much yet, but Death Valley around Stovepipe Wells is blooming.  How many road trips can I squeeze into the the spring blooming is the question of the moment.

Of course there are blooms locally.  The San Gabriel River along the Lario Bike Trail was in heavy bud last week and I intend to check it out and spend some time walking in the area this week.   I may even take the Santa Fe Dam nature trail walk just to see what is different in there this week as last week it was mostly just in bud.

One thing to remember…this is snake season and wear appropriate foot wear.  Also a final reminder,  our native flowers are really tender so tread lightly and don’t disturb them.

6 thoughts on “Head to Palm Springs…the desert is blooming!”

  1. That’s Sand Verbena Abronia villosa. Anza Borrego is also blooming like crazy right now (Henderson Canyon by Borrego Springs is tops)

  2. I was wondering what it was like up there…with all the CA poppies blooming around here, I was guessing the desert was starting to go into bloom as well. Thanks Fraz!

  3. I was at the Poppy Preserve yesterday and it was not blooming. There was a small patch of poppies along the road just East of the enterance, but that was about it. Maybe it will be good in a few weeks, or maybe not. Save your gas for now.

  4. oops, in the previous post, I should have included the “Cottonwood entrance to the Joshua Tree National Park (off interstate 10). That entrance is approximately 27 miles east of Indio.

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