Who else woke up at 4:04 AM?

So, there was an earthquake this morning. It woke me up but didn’t get me out of bed. Apparently it woke a lot of other people up too; the tweetosphere was abuzz with hashmarks in front of the word “earthquake.” My favorite tweet? From @mattngyuyenn, simply: “Who farted?”

The deets: 4.4, hit at 4:04 AM (numerologists take note), epicenter was Pico Rivera-ish. Looking around the web, it seems like nobody was hurt. Here are the data from the United States Geological Survey.

The upshot: Not too severe, but half the city, having felt the earthquake, looked at their alarm clocks and said, “ah, the hell with it, I’ll just get up,” will get really, really tired at around 2:00 in the afternoon today. So be aware of this if you’re driving or near heavy equipment at that time.

8 thoughts on “Who else woke up at 4:04 AM?”

  1. You are not alone. i tried figuring out what i did before 4:04 only to realize that the earthquake woke me up. I am planning to go back to sleep i can’t hang it until 2.

  2. I was just laying down to read to go to sleep when *rattle*. Couple things off the wall and a mirror askew plus a bevy of freaked out animals.

  3. I didn’t wake up, but one of my dogs, who rarely barks, starting barking like crazy. That woke me up and freaked me out a little as I was home alone. I checked around for someone trying to break in, saw nothing and went back to sleep. I was happy to see the internet abuzz with the quake this morning because it distracted everyone from complaining about DST.

  4. Not I. I am pretty much adjacent to the fault line here in Whittier along the San Gabriel River so I got a good jolt this morning. Sucks as I was just falling asleep after having taken a some allergy medication (to hell with allergy season). Heard that people on the west side didn’t feel much.

  5. 4:44 is the time I woke up today, but my CLOCK is 40 MINS FAST!!!! so the Earthquake woke me up and I didnt even know it… I TOLD MY GF when I woke up mysteriously at 4:44, “HEY BABE LOOK ITS 4:44 CRAZY HUH!!?!?!” lol..she didnt even remember. Now today when I heard about it from one of my customers, it makes since… This is crazy….

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