Parking Tard Sidewalk Shenanigans!

OMG I have to run into Rite Aid real quick for my ointment

We like to post pictures here on Metblogs of the automotively challenged. Drivers who cannot park between the lines. We refer to them, affectionately, as Parking Tards.

But, friends, today we have something very special. A tard that overshoots the space completely, landing on the sidewalk.

Sherman Oaks. Riverside & Fulton.


Another angle of awesomeness after the jump.

I can park like this if I want because I drive a Lexus

2 thoughts on “Parking Tard Sidewalk Shenanigans!”

  1. You know, I knew EXACTLY where that was before I even read the text. I don’t know what that says about anything – I haven’t been to that plaza in about 10 years.

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