HFS! Bikes On The Front Page Of The LA Times!!1!!

This past Saturday the annual Fargo Street Hill Climb took place, organized by the Los Angeles Wheelmen. On a personal note, I’ve tried multiple years to make it up the 33% grade of what’s one of the steepest streets in the city/state/country/hemisphere/world/galaxy/universe, only to get psyched out staring up from the bottom of the massive frozen concrete-coated tsunami and miserably failing mid-way every time (here’s handlebar cam video of my 2006 attempt). On another personal note, my eyes went wide when I cracked open today’s paper. I’ve never seen the unique event get such mega-play in the LA Times, not only with a front page photo, but a story on its inside LATeXTRA section as well.

It’s enough to make me vow to try again next year.

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  1. The “Column One” story about a bicycle repair guy in Afghanistan is worth a read, too.

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