Win Tickets to the Adolescents at the El Rey Friday March 12

This has been a great, great season for revival shows. The Damned and Scream played last month. The Specials are playing next month. And this Friday, the Adolescents are playing at the El Rey. Word. Doors are at 7:00. Show is at 8:00. Youth Brigade is opening (as are The Crowd and Blockage). I am super excited. I don’t need to tell you guys how awesome the Adolescents are do I? I mean, if you know punk rock at all you’re already a huge fan, and if you don’t know punk rock you won’t like the show.

As for the whole “adolescent” thing, the humor is not  lost on us. Who would have guessed we’d all live this long? In fact, I believe Frank Agnew’s son is part of the touring line up. Oh the irony. Punk’s not dead; it’s just long in the tooth. Adolescence is a state of mind, I figure. And in that spirit, if you want tickets, leave a comment telling us the most adolescent thing about you. Winners will be chosen randomly. We have one pair to give away. And of course, if you don’t supply an email address, I have no way of contacting you, so um…supply an email address.


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  1. i still cant eat food that touches other foods…everything has to be separated.

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