Shore Thing: Bike The Big Port Bridges This May

To the men and women of the city and all ships at sea! The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has announced its 2010 Tour de Cure Ship-To-Shore Bike Ride will take place May 2, providing cyclists the opportunity for reportedly only the second time in the history of the world as we know it to pedal across the famed 6,060-foot-long Vincent Thomas and the 5,134-foot-long Gerald Desmond bridges to raise crucial fundage for the ADA in its fight against diabetes.

The Ship-To-Shore rides begin and end at the Queen Mary and offer five distinct routes from 8 to 61 miles in length, including a 10-miler where cyclists will return to post-ride festivities via a harbor cruise. Each route will feature fully supported rest stops with food and refreshments. To participate, individuals must raise a minimum of $150.

As a fan of taking my bike (most of the time legally) where it’s usually not allowed, you know I’ll be raising the money so that I can cross those bridges when I come to them! Hope you will, too.

6 thoughts on “Shore Thing: Bike The Big Port Bridges This May”

  1. That Vincent Thomas Bridge has got to be the steepest bridge I have ever seen, on both sides. I notice that even when driving over it. Should make for a very exhilarating bike ride.

  2. Props on not calling it the St. Vincent Thomas Bridge, which is a curious habit that afflicts a lot of people here (it even made it into the film Heat).

    But as someone who grew up in Long Beach and has been on these bridges many times–and also the little-known Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge, (AKA the Terminal Island Freeway…you want to stump some local know-it-all? Ask them where the 47 or the 103 Freeway is!). My grandmother lived on the Westside of Long Beach (which wasn’t as fun as white kids that make the finger W and go “westsiiiiiide!” probably think–the liquor store at the end of her block was burned down in the riots) and worked in the shipyards. A few times she took me with her to show me her work, and she drove on the Terminal Island Freeway, and the Heim Bridge would always freak me out–“the bottom is just a grate! I can see the water below!”. The whole port area freaks me out in general. I can’t really explain it.

    But anyway, being so high up on those bridges, I’d be terrified that some gust of wind would knock me down and I would plummet hundreds of feet to the water below and be killed.

    Sorry for the therapy session…

  3. I am a person scared f heights. I can’t ride my kick scooter on sidewalks along bridges. Oh well the scenery is nice as I walk along the bridge…

  4. Navigating the Vincent Thomas bridge is gonna be tricky for the narrow wheels crowd. You can see right through the steel grating that joins the concrete sections of the roadbed together. I walked over it once on Labor Day, and that’s one crappy place to get a tire stuck now that I think about it. I just imagine some skinny tubular on a $1500 wheel crammed in there and I cringe.

    I’m totally up for this ride. I missed the last 5/10k run across the bridges, and I’m not missing another opportunity to cross on foot.

  5. You can’t ride your bike across on a regular day? Or even walk across? Is it motor vehicle traffic only?

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