Amelia’s: Finally, Fried Okra in the West Valley

fried chicken, greens and mac and cheese.

Okay, really I actually hate okra, but it’s a sort of acid test for whether a place is a real soul food restaurant, in my book. If there is no fried okra and no cobbler, well…it may be good, but it’s not really soul food. Anyone who knows LA well knows that Soul Food Kitchen is pretty much the sina qua non of soul food, but for those of us in the far reaches of the Valley (Chatsworth to be exact…here be dragons) Inglewood might as well be Savannah.

Oh happy day! Now we have our own soul food place in Northridge. Today I finally checked out Amelia’s on Nordhoff (behind the Guitar Center across from Bev Mo). OMFG. The fried chicken was unbelievably good (see the picture for evidence–can you make out the packets of Tapatio and honey? nice). First of all that was one obese foul, ladies and gentleman. It was not cheap for take out, but it was literally enough food for three meals for me. The entree came with a sizeable wing and a breast the size of my head, thank you very much, as well as two sides. The greens were good. The mac and cheese was slammin’. The fried chicken was pretty damn amazing. I ate until I was stuffed like a tick.

They also have a new weekly meal service delivery option they are offering. In case you know anyone who needs fattening up.

Amelia’s: 19520-4 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91324, Phone:  818-717-8782

3 thoughts on “Amelia’s: Finally, Fried Okra in the West Valley”

  1. What, no sweet tea?

    Sorry…but I have to laugh at these west coast “authentic” soul/southern-style restaurants that cannot even muster up a decent pitcher of sweet tea.

    It’s not true southern-style unless you serve it with the house wine of the south.

  2. Okay, Ugly American I hear you. Looks like we are going to have to work on our sweet tea recipe. Be sure to stop in this summer to make sure we are doing it right!

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