Star. Wars. Burlesque’d.

The following trailer probably is not safe for work – depending on where you work.


To paraphrase Han Solo, putting together a great burlesque show ain’t like dusting crops (boy!).  Like all great performers, Courtney Cruz – producer and star of Devil’s Playground (LA Weekly‘s Best Burlesque Club of 2009) – understands and appreciates the origins of her craft.  In this case, it’s the historical use of burlesque as means to satire and parody everything from class strife to gender politics to intergalactic warfare. That’s right – this Friday, Devil’s Playground will take Princess Leia’s slave outfit to its logical conclusion and perform a Star Wars-themed burlesque show.

This show actually is Devil’s Playground’s second Star Wars performance.  The  first was a few months ago, at a little place called the Bordello Bar in a random spot on 1st Street downtown (my best friend and I once swung by and asked the bouncer what was going on inside.  He got real close and whispered real intently: “It’s a lesbian bar!” Heh heh.).  Their interpretation of Star Wars as post-modern-future seduction, American-style, was so wildly popular – the show must have tapped into everyone’s collective  Princess-Leia-as-Slave(-how-disturbing-for-a-PG-rated-film) wet fantasy – that Courtney Cruz decided to give us a bigger, grander sequel on the scale of The Empire Strikes Back.  In addition to Princess Leia, everyone from Stormtroopers to Jabba the Hut to your friendly neighborhood X-Wing droid will be burlesque’d.  Judging from the flyers, the show is going to make your spaceship make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, for sure.

Devil’s Playground presents Star Wars Burlesque and Cabaret is this Friday, March 12 at the Music Box at the Henry Fonda.  Tickets are $20 plus a very minimal service fee (read: not Ticketmaster – yeah!) here on

5 thoughts on “Star. Wars. Burlesque’d.”

  1. Nice! Also really liked the musical accompaniment choice of Adam Ant’s “Stand and Deliver” instead of his “Strip.” Because that would have been too obvious. It’s all about the subtlety.

  2. Oooh good catch Matt! Subtlety…someone teach that to the Oscar orchestra that played “I Am Woman” when Kathryn Bigelow won. URgh.

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