See The Big Pink at the El Rey on Tuesday, March 9

I didn’t want to like these guys, with their snotty Brit swagger and their line, “These girls fall like dominoes…” I mean, come on, fuc*er.  You already know you’re in a band and you’re gonna get a lot of groupies. But is it classy at all to brag about it?

So it’s a testament to their talent that this cynical broad, who’s been dumped by many a jaded rocker, ACTUALLY came around and can admit I LOVE THESE SONGS. They’re great. Moody, lush, layered, swirling expansive rock. So I’m actually going to attend this show, although hoo boy, if any of those rocker boys come up to me I’m gonna deck ’em.

Screw you guys, I’m gonna learn to play my own music. I think I’ll going to abscond with my mom’s old accordion and take lessons…

Wanna go to the show? Tell me YOUR favorite band that you love to hate. Please leave an email contact where you can be reached promptly…I’ve contacted winners before only to have them get back to me far after deadline with a “Sorry! I don’t check this email during the day!” You snooze, you lose.

Show info from Goldenvoice here.

8 thoughts on “See The Big Pink at the El Rey on Tuesday, March 9”

  1. As much as I like people who can play their instruments well, pretty much every thrash band ever would make my list, especially Metallica, who have the worst drummer in the history of technical music. Blah. But those old songs and their classical influences and outrageous lyrics! I’m forever esteemed.

  2. I too didn’t want to like them, but I do. I can’t help it. The other band I love to hate? Green Day. I was too cool for them in school, but now I find them infectious and they make good running partners.

  3. It also takes some chutzpah to name your band after one of the most famous locations in rock history.

  4. i live for these guys. the album is a stunner from start to finish. definitely one of my favorite albums of last year. crystal visions, velvet, and a brief history of love are top tunes. sadly, the last el rey show was a little lacking in sound quality — i’d love to see them do it again and blow the place to bits like i heard they did at the nme shockwaves.

  5. I love this band! Wait, are you asking for bands that we love to hate because it’s fun to hate on them and they really are horrible? Like 30 Seconds to Mars just because it’s only Jordan Catalano wearing eyeliner?

    Or bands that we love but also hate ourselves for loving, like Weezer, who I thought was the best band ever during my adolescence and who should have stopped putting out albums ages ago to preserve the amazing music from their early years…But they don’t, so every other year is a new cycle of me rolling my eyes at their latest single, having it get stuck in my head, having to play all their songs on Rock Band because I know them by heart while hating myself and then having to buy the new album because I can’t get enough of them?

    I’m confused.

  6. Hhmmmm… how about Smashing Pumpkins?! Cuz they were so fricking good the first two albums, then got so high and mighty and epic and were bound to implode… which is exactly what they did. When I first heard “Heavy Metal Machine” I knew it was all over. Billy Corgan had become a caricature of himself. I suppose you’ve got to hand it to him for still plugging away at it. But sheesh. Those shows at Gibson were so boring that my buddy and I left early. And he’s still calling himself Smashing Pumpkins! Ha! Sigh.

    I would absolutely LOVE to see the Big Pink show, by the way.
    And thanks to my iGadget, I do check my email religiously.

  7. Coldplay. Hands down. I actually really like the first two albums, but now I feel like they’re unlistenable. Like do we really need a band that makes their own outfits with ribbons and fabric and artsy crafty nonsense? And Speed of Sounds totally rips off the hook from Kraftwerk’s Computerlove. Just sayin’.

    Honorable mention: The Killers. Still haven’t forgiven them for “are we human or are we dancer”. dreadful.

    that said, i live to despise these guys.

  8. R.E.M !!!
    They were my favorite band for so many years!
    And then “Everybody Hurts.” EW : {
    How ironic that when Michael Stipe used to write brilliant, scathing, politically conscious lyrics, his delivery was unintelligible. Then he finally started to enunciate properly right around the time he switched over to sappy, cheesy, stereotypical love songs. So frustrating!!!

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