Education rallies planned today

This morning, I was greeted by news cameras at my kid’s school. There was a podium set up near the drop off location with people giving speeches about the $18 billion cut in education funding by Sacramento. This was all a lead-in for today’s planned statewide rallies protesting these cuts.

There are many rallies happening throughout Southern California, should you wish to lend your voice in support:

4 pm Assemble at Pershing Square (5th & Hill) in downtown L.A. March to the Governor’s office (300 Spring St.) for 5 pm Rally.  Contact: Marla Edy (UTLA) 213-305-9310 or Blanca Castaneda (CFA) 626-379-7380.

“Unite for Public Education: Stop Layoffs, Fee Hikes, Cuts to Education & Community Services.”
3:45 pm gather at CSU Northridge Sierra Quad • 4:15 pm March • 5 pm Hands around CSUN • 5:30 pm Rally at Sierra Quad.

LONG BEACH – “Long Beach Unite for Education” rally, 4:15 pm at Wilson High School Gymnasium, 4400 E. 10th St., Long Beach. Speakers from CFA, Teachers Association of Long Beach (K-12), Long Beach City College. Music by Tom Morello, The Nightwatchman.

CSU NORTHRIDGE — CFA faculty plus student groups will host a regional march. 3:45-5 pm. Sierra Quad. See details in regional listing above.

UCLA – 4:30pm Rally at Bruin Plaza

Organizers also ask that you call your state legistlator (1-888-268-4334) to voice your concerns about these budget cuts

7 thoughts on “Education rallies planned today”

  1. I think certain bloggers who use the media to vent and slander peoples character with unfounded truths and facts need to legally be accountable for the vulgar acts of indecency they call journalism. Are you really that insecure and lack that much character and integrity to act like a grown up. Doesnt matter if you call yourself a reporter or blogger, you still lack the respect and credibility of the industry when you do that.

    John Milcent

  2. John, what on Earth are you talking about? Are you seriously accusing people here of “slander” and “vulgar acts of indecency?”

  3. John went off topic, wonder who upset his apple cart this morning. Nice post, rally’s all over won’t do any good if there is no money in the kitty to increase the funding. That is the elephant in the corner everyone seems to ignore and until we get around that I don’t see much hope for change in the situation.

  4. Fraz, I agree with the lack of funds, but it seemed to me, talking to my local organizers, the rallies were more for awareness. Evan, great photos! I wish I could have gone, but work got in the way.

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