Heads-Up About Saturday’s “Walk This Way: Jefferson/Adams”

It was a couple weeks ago when I announced March 6 as the date for the next in my irregular series of long-ass walks — this one about 15 miles from USC to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook State Park and back via Jefferson and Adams. Today I’m reading reports calling for a 70% chance of rain this Saturday.

I don’t put a whole lot of stock in immediate STORMWATCHES much less those that any horizon-sniffing MegaDoppler Bosstastic 12000XJ might be insisting are a few days away, so I’m not quite ready to reschedule the trek just yet. But even though I’m personally not against walking in the wet stuff, I like the idea of doing this with other people, so as we draw closer to the coming weekend if it looks like the prognosticationalizers are correct in their meteorologicalizing, then I’m going to bump the boogie to the last Saturday of the month, March 27.

If you’re planning on joining me, stay tuned for a WALKWATCH status dispatch … probably Thursday. Or hit me up on Twitter @wildbell for the latest.

One thought on “Heads-Up About Saturday’s “Walk This Way: Jefferson/Adams””

  1. I don’t ambulate unless I’m being chased or paid, but I might be up for SLO.O.O.O.W.L.Y. driving past you holding up flash cards of the presidents. Would that work? :)

    VIVA LA STROMWATCH 2010!!!!!!!!!1

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