Help You Can The Pelican

This is the second time in about as many weeks that I’ve been up-close and personal with a dead brown pelican along Ballona Creek. Maybe you’ve heard the big birds — recently de-listed from their endangered status — have been having a really rough time of it through the storms of these last couple months. Maybe you’ve heard the International Bird Rescue and Research Center (IBRRC) in San Pedro is doing all it can to save them, with some amazing results. They’ve admitted an unheard of 325 pelicans between January 1 and February 19. In turn they’ve been able to rehab and release 137 back into the wild, with more than 100 remaining at the center’s aviary. And it ain’t cheap keeping a recovering pelican in fish.

To that end this Friday the G2 Gallery in Venice (1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd, 90291) is hosting an urgent “Fill The Bill” reception to support IBRRC’s past, present and future pelican rescue efforts.  If you’re in the area think about showing them some love. Or if you’re not, consider making a donation via their website. But if money’s an understandable object, check out their wish list to see if you’ve got some of what they need.

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