Win Tix to The Soundtrack of Our Lives Tomorrow!

Epic Swedes The Soundtrack Of Our Lives will be at the El Rey tomorrow night with kickass local Nico Vega. And we’ve got your tickets! To win, just leave a comment telling me your favorite thing that ever came out of Sweden, be it marauding hordes or lingonberry compote.

If you haven’t yet heard these guys they’re a spacier version of Oasis with some Pink Floydian soaring narrative flourishes and California seventies-folk instrumentation. You should absolutely check them out, because that kind of music makes for an amazing live show.

5 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Soundtrack of Our Lives Tomorrow!”

  1. It may be a humdrum thing to say, but my favorite Swedish export is ABBA. My father only allowed classical music to be played in our home, when I was growing up. Any sort of rock/pop/jazz etc. was strictly verboten. But my mother loved ABBA. Whenever he was out of the house, or she was feeling cheeky, my mother would blast ABBA. When they finally divorced, ABBA was #1 on my mother’s playlist. It was our freedom rock. I’ve been hooked on Swedish bands ever since.

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