89 Snaps Of People I Passed While Biking This Morning On The Strand Between Hermosa Beach And The Ballona Creek Bridge

When it’s reportedly raining bats and hogs this Saturday, I shall fondly recall this beautiful morning’s ride up the beach between Hermosa and the Ballona Creek Bridge. I’ll bet these people I passed along the way will, too.

Full size semi-stylized low-rez images are available for viewing here.

9 thoughts on “89 Snaps Of People I Passed While Biking This Morning On The Strand Between Hermosa Beach And The Ballona Creek Bridge”

  1. Apparently you are unaware of the rights of individuals to control the use of their image in publicity. You legally are violating their rights to privacy. Just because people appear in public, does NOT mean you have the right to publish their images online for the world to see, and associate this with a blog. You have a right to take a photo for yourself, but not the right to make them public. An exception is when they are PUBLIC FIGURES and most all of these people are not. You need signed releases!

  2. Rather than engage in a debate following such a laughably misinformed attack (I especially enjoyed the oxymoron of “legally violated”) I will invite “Privacy rights violated” to educate himself or herself on the real truth by exploring the following rights I have as a photographer:

    1. Almost anything you can see you can photograph.
    If you can see it, you can take a picture of it. If you are standing on public property you can photograph anything you like, including private property.

    2. As long as you are not invading someone’s privacy, you can publish their photo without permission.
    You can take someone’s picture in any public setting and publish it without consequence (even if it portrays the person in a negative way) as long as the photo isn’t “highly offensive to a reasonable person” and “is not of legitimate concern to the public.”

    3. You can use your photos of other people without their permission for an artistic or news purpose, but you can’t use them for a commercial purpose (such as an ad). You could sell a photo of a person without their permission, but you couldn’t use the photo in an ad saying the person endorses your product.

    For a complete lesson read The Photographers’ Guide To Privacy: http://www.rcfp.org/photoguide/intro.html

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